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Why you should use your insurance benefits before the end of the year

Typically most insurance plans renew at the beginning of each calendar year. Your insurance gives you a maximum for the year and will only pay up to that amount after your deductible if that applies to the treatment you are getting. Insurance plans often do not let you roll over your benefits into the new calendar year and those benefits go to waste. If you have no dental treatment that needs to be done, then this typically is not an issue. If you do need dental work done, it is best to prioritize your work in order to maximize your benefits. In our office we work with our patients to prioritize their treatment by what needs to be done first in order to minimize the amount they will have to pay out of pocket. our patients are very important to us and we want to help you in any way that we can. We will make sure you are healthy and happy! The end of the year is usually the busiest time in most healthcare practices. Be sure to schedule early in order to be sure you can use your benefits and not lose out on your coverage.

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